On Kreayshawn, Lana Del Rey, Jealousy & Being Sexy & Sassy. Phew!


From “Kreayshawn, Lana Del Rey & High School Style Ladyhate Online” by Meg Clark on Good Morning Midnight:

“… The necessary performativity of sex appeal in the feminine, and the fact that feminine sex appeal is essentially defined by performativity, artifice, and decoration. Personally, I’m fine with Del Rey’s big hair, pouty face, winged eyeliner, lipgloss, and staged nostalgia-sexy photos: I do the same thing on a lesser level every day when I tame the wild-haired bleary-eyed stubble-legged beast who wakes up in my bed into the groomed, coiffed, red-lipped vanilla-scented thing I am when I show up to the office by 10. This is all part of an elaborate joke I’m playing on you where you think my eyes are actually this big and my skin this even, where you think I just roll out of bed dressed this nice.

“…On some level, ladies, it seems that perhaps we sneer and comment and snark and write long academic articles on how hard she [Kreayshawn] sucks and send naked photos of her around and point out that she looks like Casey Anthony precisely because she seems so confident, so assured of and indifferent to her own sex appeal, so blithely unaware or indifferent to anything she might do wrong, so ready to roll her eyes at us or shrug her shoulders, and so unwilling to throw herself at boys’ feet. And we are totally not cool with that… We need to criticize girls less when they do it, because, again, dudes do it all the time and we’re all oh, whatever, totally normal.

“… We can note that these are startlingly similar tactics, and ones we all probably experienced or witnessed in junior high school.  This pretty girl, look, she wasn’t always this pretty, you could totally nail this bland bitch.  This sassy girl, look, she’s slutty too, look at all that attitude gone when she’s just tits n ass! This pretty girl, she isn’t competition for us, because she’s not actually pretty! This sassy girl, she isn’t actually competition either, she’s just another dumb slut! Phew! I was worried for a minute there.

“… Why do we never seem to stop and note that wait, maybe part of this nasty reaction I’m having has to do with something else—something else nasty reserved for especially ladies who make us somehow uncomfortable, who fit partially but maybe not entirely into stereotypes we more easily understand? Why don’t we talk about this, too?”

Go and read the rest of the article; it’s brilliant!

Elsewhere: [Good Morning Midnight] Kreayshawn, Lana Del Rey & High School Style Ladyhate Online.

Images via The Faster Times, Kid Kills Piano.

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