Movies: Costuming in The Iron Lady*.


The cavalcade of blue in The Iron Lady was effective, if a bit distracting once you start to notice the sheer abundance of “Tory blue”, as it became to be known during Margaret Thatcher’s reign as prime minister.

Not only was she the only woman in many of the scenes but, as you can see from the images above, she was also the only one dressed in blue in a sea of dull suits.

However, as Margaret begins to rise up the ranks of her party and into the prime ministership, she graduates from pale blue to royal blue, and when she becomes Britain’s most hated leader and is ousted by Michael Heseltine, she’s ravishing in red and black.

The only other times she wasn’t in blue were when she was dealing with the hallucinations of her husband, Dennis. Margaret wears a tweed suit when she turns on all the appliances in the house in an attempt to drown out Dennis’ incessant nattering. When she finally says goodbye to her several-years-dead husband at the end of the film, she’s also in a dirt-coloured hue.

Tellingly, their relationship begins when Margaret tells Dennis he has to be aware that she will not be one of those women whose life begins and ends with washing a cup. As the movie draws to a close and Margaret turns her back on Dennis in said brown outfit, she’s washing up her teacup.

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*Blanket spoiler alert.

Images via YouTube.

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