TV: Who’s That Girl? It’s the New Girl.


I’m not the biggest Zooey Deschanel fan. I’ve only really seen her in Failure to Launch (she was the saving grace in that unintentional horror movie) and some of Tin Man, which I wanted to like but couldn’t bring myself to get through.

But, after reading a few different takes on Deschanel’s television leading lady debut in New Girl (especially this New York magazine cover profile), I decided to give the show a shot.

I was expecting manic pixie dream girlishness galore, which there is a lot of, but I think the three guys, a girl and a pizza place apartment format makes it a bit more palatable for the mainstream sitcom crowd.

In a bid to better understand the Deschanel obsession, I borrowed (500) Days of Summer off a friend and watched it yesterday afternoon. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it; whether that was down to Deschanel’s acting or simply the storyline and filmmaking, I can’t say.

While I feel like Dechanel’s character, the titular Summer, was portrayed as the “saviour” to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Tom, New Girl Jess is the one that needs to be saved from her social awkwardness, bad relationship and fashion faux pas. In real life I don’t see why people would need saving from these situations, but that’s the way the plot crumbles.

So, three episodes in, I’m still not really sure what I think about New Girl, or Deschanel herself. I’ll probably stick the season out (at only 12 half-hour episodes, it’s a small commitment to make) as I have a hard time not finishing things, no matter how tedious or non-enjoyable they are.

If Jess is able to break out of the mold of quirky girly girl who shows emotion and sings publicly at inopportune times, and Deschanel is able to prove her worth as a top notch TV actress who appeals to the mainstream instead of being seen as the manic pixie dream girl du jour, the New Girl might just be one I can come to know and love.

What do you think of New Girl so far?

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Image via New Girl Things.

8 thoughts on “TV: Who’s That Girl? It’s the New Girl.

  1. I’m actually really enjoying the show. It’s nice to see a female character with insecurities that I can relate to. It almost feels as though it was written for a male lead, it has the cool guy mates, the break up with the “irrististable” partner and getting herself into comic situations is all very sitcom, so it works. Maybe people would get into it more if she got pregnant or had to go to a friend’s wedding, but I like it just the way it is.

  2. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Zooey D. I kind of still do. I wasn’t a huge fan of New Girl at first, but I watched it the other night again and laughed my ass off. I think this was because I was drunk though. Can’t be too sure. I know she’s got that whole ‘manic pixie dream girl’ thing going on, but I just adore her style. She’s beautiful without showing her bum cheeks. Major snaps.

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