On the (Rest of the) Net.


A roundtable interview with the women of Community. “They all cried… And they got their periods simultaneously!” [The Daily Beast]

Death of the porn star? [Daily Beast]

In the wake of the Rush Limbaugh slut-shaming debacle, Yasmin Nair writes “In Defence of Sluts.” [Jezebel]

And ode to Ryan Gosling. [HelloGiggles]

“Strip Club Feminism.” [MamaMia]

A Valentine’s letter to all girls from a boy who “likes you just the way you are” without “dress[ing] in revealing clothing… [and] try[ing] to fit in with the crowd” isn’t really a Valentine’s letter. It’s just “another guy telling girls how they should act in a world full of guys telling girls how to act.” [Jezebel]

Hating Madonna for the sake of hating Madonna. [The Guardian]

Like, OMG you guys? Have you heard about “uptalk” and “vocal fry”? It’s totally, like, awesome? (And yes, all those question marks are there for a reason. Click through to the article to find out why.) [NYTimes]

In defence of men’s magazines. [MamaMia]

Lady Gaga on baseball. [V Magazine]

More Madonna: she’s the difference between second- and third-wave feminism. [The Sisterhood, via Jezebel]

“When Women Don’t Want Daughters.” [Jezebel]

We’ve heard the argument that atheists have no moral compass, now being pro-choice means you apparently don’t have a conscience. [Jezebel]

Camilla Peffer writes on reverse sexism and being scared of men. Meanwhile, here are some tips for men on how to come across as less threatening to women on a dark street at night. [Girls Are Made From Pepsi, Jezebel]

What makes internet trollers tick? [News.com.au]

Images via Dan Harmon Poops, Metatron’s Trunk.

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