Magazines: The Justin Bieber Complex.


Heather Morris is just the most recent starlet in a long line to be involved in a domestic violence-themed photoshoot, and outrage appropriately ensued.

But where’s the outrage following Justin Bieber’s cover story for Complex magazine? While I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes some pleasure in seeing Bieber get knocked out, even if it is for entertainment purposes only, where’s the accountability?

Sure, he’s now an 18-year-old man (because we all know age has no bearing on maturity) who can pretty much do whatever he wants. So is it because he’s a man that there’s no outcry about the glorification of violence? And what about all the tweens who look up to him? Doesn’t he have a responsibility to them, to be a good role model?

I guess once you’ve done a duet with Chris Brown, it’s Never Say Never to everything else.

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My Thoughts on Chris Brown.

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Images via Complex.

2 thoughts on “Magazines: The Justin Bieber Complex.

  1. I know you hate The Biebs but why take issue with him for the glorification of violence? Boxing is a sport, a rather popular sport in North America, along with Gridiron, ice hockey and UFC, all encouraged/supported by millions of everyday people, and all violent. To me these photos could just be a metaphor for the blows that life, or more specifically in Justin’s case, his music career, throws at you and about how we deal with them. I’m just wondering exactly what else you take issue with in relation to him, other than the ‘everything happens for a reason’/rape comment, because he’s good to his family and those around him, he has a steady girlfriend who he seems to treat quite well, his music to my knowledge is not offensive and often quite positive, and he does quite a lot to give back despite working hard to get what he has. But then again I could be bias because I believe everyone makes mistakes and is entitled to their opinion, and I’m happy to take people for all that they are, not just what others might think of them.

  2. He can only stand behind the “too young to understand” defence (which was used in the rape comments debacle) for so long.
    BOXING is a sport, but this isn’t him entering the profession as a legitimate sportsperson, this is him posing with a cut of meat on his eye and blood flying out of his mouth on the cover of a magazine to somehow show he’s grown up.
    He’s probably being manipulated like a puppet by his handlers and had no control over this shoot, so I also take issue with society’s double standards when it comes to the glorification of violence.

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