TV: 2 Broke Girls Aren’t So Broke That They’d Turn to Sex Work.


You know, ’cause hookers are gross and have herpes. Caroline thinks she’d make a horrible prostitute because, “I have a heart and soul and dreams and wanna fall in love and have a family,” and sex workers don’t and won’t have any of these things. Never mind that many sex workers don’t have any other prospects due to the cycle of poverty and abuse and sex trafficking. And what of those in the industry who—shock, horror!—actually want to be in it and enjoy what they do? Does this mean their heart, soul, hopes, dreams and love life go down the drain?

Just to throw in some racism for good measure, Max and Caroline’s upstairs neighbour, Nirham Shadouri (excuse my abhorrent spelling. I was sounding it out.), dies, and Max remarks that “she wasn’t even on the right continent” when guessing his name. Oh, and Jennifer Coolidge (who, if you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde or American Pie, you know is American) plays a Polish suspected madam. Not well, might I add.

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I Went to See American Reunion & I Didn’t Hate It…

Image via Putlocker.

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