On the (Rest of the) Net.

Tyra Banks writes an open letter to girls in the modeling industry—and girls in general—about Vogue’s new eating disorder mandate. [Daily Beast]

Hot off the heels of his first Sydney and Melbourne shows, the beauty that is Prince’s “Kiss”. [One a Day]

Scarlett Johansson sets the “toilet paper rags” straight on her body image. [HuffPo]

I’m not a big Delta Goodrem fan, but since she’s been the victim of vitriol on The Voice, I’m starting to warm to her. I may not be a fan of Delta’s, but I do love me an underdog. [MamaMia]

Terry Richardson and “hipster sexism”. [Daily Life]

A Jezebel reporter infiltrates America’s “rape capital”, Missoula, Montana.

Are All Men Pedophiles?, asks a new documentary. [Buzzfeed]

Comedian Hasan Minhaj rips Ashton Kutcher and PopChips a new one for their brown-faced Indian impersonation. Not cool. [Best Week Ever]

2 thoughts on “On the (Rest of the) Net.

  1. I apologise for having never stopped by to say this before, but I absolutely love your “(Rest of the) Net” posts. I always find something that I end up talking about (nonstop) for the rest of the day. Hey, without this periodical, I probably would never have even heard of ‘Jezebel’! So thank you very much.

    Specifically though, thanks for the link to the Terry Richardson article. I find Richardson-discussion fascinating (well, in a “my skin is crawling, and could things possibly get more revolting</em?" kind of way), and this one was no exception.

    So yes. Thank you for writing! Genuinely, a fantastic blog, and I enjoy it so much.

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