TV: Grey’s Anatomy—You’re Abnormal if You Don’t Want Children.


According to Owen Hunt, anyway.

He’s still having issues with Cristina’s abortion four months after the fact. Cristina laments that he was supportive and held her hand through the procedure and the next thing she knows “you’re screaming, ‘You killed our baby,’ in front of all our friends.”

I’ve written before that Owen is rightfully upset that Cristina essentially made the decision to terminate her pregnancy solo, without his input, but it seems he’s now moved on to being frustrated with Cristina’s utter lack of desire to have children.

He says it’s not normal to not want children and that seeing as she and Meredith do everything together, Cristina should want a kid, too. Cristina yells, “there is no deeper reason” for her not wanting a baby; she just doesn’t. “It’s alright to never want kids,” she offers.

This episode touches on the very real stigma against women who don’t want kids. As I grow older and my priorities evolve, I’ve come to better understand this disinterest in raising children. That’s not to say I don’t want kids (I know I definitely do not want biological children, and in that respect I can relate to Cristina), but the fact that I want to adopt means there’s a very real possibility that I will not have children at all. But not everyone is as empathetic to Cristina’s plight, as Owen demonstrates. Dealing with such delicate circumstances within the confines of a relationship must make it that much harder.

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Cristina Yang as Feminist.

Image via Watch Shows Now.

4 thoughts on “TV: Grey’s Anatomy—You’re Abnormal if You Don’t Want Children.

  1. The biggest problem with this storyline is that, if you watch the earlier seasons, Christina ALWAYS made it clear to Owen she did not want children. It was made clear before they were married, while they were dating, and any time he broached the subject with a “don’t you think you’ll grow up” or “wouldn’t I get a say?” He was shut down.

    He has no right whatsoever to feel betrayed or angry that she made this choice solo. She let him know LONG before he committed to her that was the choice she would make. By proposing to her and offering to spend the rest of his life with her, he tacitly accepted her stance. To go back on it now and act like she surprised him with this is abominable.

  2. You’re absolutely right, Feycat. I think it’s a case of the bad boy trope reversed; Owen thinks he can “change” Cristina if he just loves her enough and makes her see the error of her ways.

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