TV: New Girl Hates Women.


Why is it that almost every second or third episode of New Girl takes a cheap shot at women, and particularly at what they wear.

Whilst Schmidt is healing from his penis injury, he’s asked CeCe to cover up her bangin’ body lest she turn him on. When she rocks up at Nick’s bar to meet the gang, Jess wonders why CeCe’s “dressed like a women’s studies major”. Yeah, ’cause only militant feminists wear baggy clothes and don’t shave their body hair. They might as well come out as raging lesbians and be done with it, right?

In next week’s final, (spoiler alert) Nick moves out of the loft and in with his “new-old girlfriend”, Caroline. In trying to deter a potential new housemate to move in, Jess asserts that “feminist rants” are “her thing”; more like anti-feminist rants. Following on from her comment last night, remember when Jess wore a ski jacket and mask around the apartment so that her male housemates wouldn’t think about her that way? Or when she asked if her pyjamas were too skimpy to be wearing around a house full of guys? That Jess laughs when she sees people naked and can’t even call sex organs by their names shows how out of touch with reality she is. And, by extension, how out of touch New Girl is.

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