Was Kristen Stewart’s Public Apology Really Necessary?


In what was revealed to be a Mini Cooper romp between Kristen Stewart and her Snow White & the Huntsman director with over fifty photos as proof of the affair (according to Famous, at least. Have you seen the photos? They look completely staged for someone as notoriously private and publicity-shunning as Stewart. Rupert Sanders even seems to be looking at the camera in several shots.), I’m puzzled as to why Stewart felt the need to issue a public apology about something so intimately private.

I’ve never been cheated on nor been a cheater, but I imagine it’s an intense situation to find yourself in. Should your dirty deeds come out, there’d be a lot of apology-making and trust-proving to be had between all parties, assuming it was a “momentary indiscretion”, as Stewart claims her dalliance with Sanders was. But those parties do not include the masses, no matter how public your persona may be. You should be groveling to your partner if you want to make amends and perhaps even seeking out the other party’s other party, but really, Kristen has no obligation to do so: Sanders was just as attached as Stewart, if not more so, with a wife and two children. He’s responsible for the trust he breaks within his own family, not his mistress. That Stewart had to apologise for the “hurt and embarrassment I’ve cause to… everyone this has affected” is accepting a blame that is not hers and, quite frankly, out of character for her.

The Kristen Stewart we know and mostly hate is one who doesn’t give a fuck and blatantly says so in interviews and whose attitude at events and towards the paparazzi demonstrates this. For her to have been in a relationship with Robert Pattinson for the past three and a half years means she obviously cares about him, but no matter how sorry she is, publicly apologising for a private transgression is not something I can see her doing willingly: chances are her Twilight bosses demanded she do so at the risk of tainting the final instalment of the movies that made her and, arguably, her relationship.

The Kristen Stewart I know (y’know, cos reading gossip magazines and snippets of some interviews she’s done makes me the authority on her personal life) and kinda like would have flipped the bird at press releases stating her “hurt” and “embarrassment” at what transpired, and I think the few fans she still has would love her more for it. Let’s face it, she didn’t really have that many to begin with for whom a public admission of guilt is going to make much difference.

Elsewhere: [Jezebel] Kristen Stewart’s Apology is Totally Unnecessary.

Image via Famous.

7 thoughts on “Was Kristen Stewart’s Public Apology Really Necessary?

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  4. I cannot believe that Kristen cheated on Robert at all, let alone with someone that can’t even come close to comparing with Robert!!!

  5. Makes you think huh? Snow white is supposed to be beautiful and cheerful yet Kstew constantly flashes looks of masculinity and has the emotional range of a teaspoon and she was cast as the lead role? Maybe this affair occured way before the movie had even gone into production? To put the cherry on top of that sweet sundae we already know that she actually could not give two fucks about what she does and to whom… Rob would- and I am saying this about someone I only see and hear about in magazines- most likely follow her to the end of the world and back. What does he see in her? That’s the question on every bloody person in the world’s mind! This director guy has a wife and children, is anyone thinking about what they must be feeling finding out that their beloved Father and Husband has a little homewrecker on the side. Okay, okay let’s pretend I didn’t just say all that and I am looking this at a completely non biased POV, Kristen might have something about her that is so irresistable and endearing that you immeadiantly fall to your knees inlove with her… who knows? Back to the main issue, she’s fucked and if I was Rob’s I wouldn’t do that sort of shit.

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