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On sex work by a sex worker. [The Age]

“Have you lost weight?” is not a compliment. One of my close male friends has recently lost a lot of weight, and the resounding comment that seems to follow him wherever he goes is, “You look so hot now that you’ve lost weight,” or something to that effect. Firstly, what did he look like before? Hideous? Unlovable? Gross? And secondly, is he worthy of affection and admiration now because he’s not fat anymore? Just. Plain. Wrong. [Broadist]

Rick Santorum, the Iowa caucus and what the 2012 Republican landscape could very well look like. Hint: not good. [The Punch]

And some more on Santorum’s scary reproductive rights views. [Jezebel]

AND, a rundown of what the Iowa caucus actually entails, anyway. [Jezebel]

How my heart warms: a child with Down Syndrome is modeling for Target in the U.S.! [Jezebel]

Mia Freedman on Deborah Hutton’s nude posing for The Australian Women’s Weekly. [MamaMia]

Sometimes it’s okay to be a quitter. [Gala Darling]

Camilla Peffer on street harassment. [Girls Are Made From Pepsi]

How to really talk to girls about beauty. [Jezebel]

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Prime Minister Barbie.


You may remember that last week I mentioned an article about feminine feminists and Barbie.

Well, in the comments to the original article, Lexi wrote that “in the 51 years since Barbie’s creation, Barbie has never had a child or a husband [“P.S. Ken is a boyfriend, not a husband”]. Barbie encourages strength and intelligence, not motherhood and obedience.”

Hmm, husbandless and childless? Sounds like a certain Prime Minister of ours. Go Barbie and Julia Gillard!

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