Event: The Witching Hour—Halloween/My Birthday at Witches in Britches Cabaret.

As has been well documented on this here blog, it was my birthday yesterday, and I carried on my three-year tradition of throwing a Halloween party for the event, this time at Witches in Britches Cabaret in West Melbourne.

I was (un)lucky enough to be hovering around the entrance with my party and was accosted as a “sacrificial virgin” to help open the doors for the night, with some help from Little Nicky, who also made appearances throughout the night as Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter and Britney Spears in Witches in Britches’ latest stage show, “The Ghosts of Witches Past”, which was a rip-roarin’ riot, full of audience participation, but thankfully I had fulfilled my quota for the night. (For more information about the venue/show, visit the website.)

Friends who came to help me celebrate the night dressed in everything from a beer wench to a poirot clown to an Angus Young-esque bogan to Wimbledon tennis players. Special mention goes to fellow 2nd November baby, Jason, whose party it also was and who came dressed as a lumberjack, replete with a try-hard axe in the form of a last-minute meat cleaver!

Following the cabaret, we danced the night away to some top 40 hits and about half an hour worth of Michael Jackson mash-ups on the spacious Dungeon Disco’s dance floor, which was a nice change from the crowded clubs I usually go to.

All in all, it was a great night and I would certainly go and see the show again (could do without the mediocre menu, though). I thank all those who attended. Your presence helped make it thoroughly unforgettable.