TV: True Blood—It Gets Better.


“All my life I’ve been afraid… [of the] dead people muttering in my ears, making me deliver your messages. Making me into a freak! A creepy, pathetic, terrified mess, muttering to herself in the corner.”

“Oh Marnie, can’t you see? Life is pain. But soon all you’ve suffered and feared will be meaningless. You will be a peace. But them [the vampires]…?”

“… they’ll be stuck here forever.”

“And there’s no victory in that.”

Death and vampires are pretty bleak metaphors for putting an end to bullying and its perpetrators. Or it’s one clever way for incorporating the It Gets Better message into a show laden with cultural undertones: Marnie (despite becoming the bully herself) gets to move on and put her hellish ordeals behind her, while those who victimised her, the vampires, are doomed to repeat the same cycle of hatred, facing karma at the end of the day.

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Male Rape on True Blood.

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TV: Wiccans—Born This Way.


The actress who plays the disturbed Wiccan Marnie Stonebrook on True Blood, Fiona Shaw, is a lesbian herself, so her character’s diatribe about being a supernatural outcast on last night’s episode has several layers:

“[People] are cruel. They’re bullies. They treat you like a pariah. They’re just mocking and judging and… shunning me. Well I didn’t ask to be what I am.”

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Male Rape on True Blood.

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