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Stella Young writes about Peter Singers’ views on the killing—not aborting—of disabled babies—not foetuses. While he does raise some interesting points, I’ve written before that this kind of thinking trivialises abortion and the access to it we should have in this day and age. If a woman finds out she’s pregnant with a disabled foetus, she should have the support and means necessary to terminate if she feels that’s what she wants to do. I don’t think Singer would have these views if more women had access to safe, legal and unstigmatised abortion. Furthermore, I don’t think he’d have them if the lives of the disabled were valued more by society and they had more support. To say that parents have the right to kill their own disabled children after a set amount of time of attempting to care for them is to trivialise life itself: I’m all for a humane death over a painful life, but Young raises the point that babies don’t have the autonomy to make that choice. [ABC Ramp Up]

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Magazines: Ricki-Lee—Who Cares?


There have been a few articles in the media over the past week or so kicking up a stink about Ricki-Lee Coutler’s Maxim photo shoot, and her need to bare her new skinny body in general.

My beef isn’t with her new, “sexy” (if sexy means being draped in some pink chiffon and a machine gun ammo belt with your mouth open and eyes half closed…) look; it’s with the inevitable fact that this time next year she will have put all the weight back on and will be on the cover of Who or Women’s Day in an “exclusive” about how she’s fat.

I’ve been wanting to write this article for at least a year now, as it seems that every twelve months or so Ricki-Lee’s espousing how she got skinny or how she got fat again in some magazine tell-all. Not to mention the endorsement deals (Big W’s Hold Me Tight range, anyone?).

My point: Who cares?

Why Ricki-Lee would voluntarily document the changes of her body reflected by the scrutiny of the media and the general public is beyond me. And also, she’s no Kardashian or Oprah; we just don’t care about her that much.

What do you think? A big hullabaloo about nothing, or are Ricki-Lee’s actions damaging to her (predominantly young female [although, with that Maxim cover…]) audience?

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