Events: The Bitch of Living—Spring Awakening Review.

Ever since Annie Wilson belted out “Mama Who Bore Me” on the first episode of the new 90210 (lame, I know), I had to know what Spring Awakening, the musical the song is from, was all about.

Well last week, some two and half years later, I went to see the “new musical” performed by The Young Australian Broadway Chorus and loved it.

The story is based around a bunch of 17-year-olds in 19th century Germany who are coming to terms with their sexuality and “the bitch of living”, which manifests itself in parental abuse, pregnancy, same-sex tendencies and suicide.

Now, two of the people I went to see it with are actors themselves, one of whom has seen the original on Broadway, with Glee’s Lea Michele naked and in the lead role (needless to say, this is a male friend and never fails to drop this anecdote into many a conversation!), so they weren’t so impressed with the mediocre acting. But, just like Fame or Hairspray, acting isn’t the cast’s primary vocation, and what they lacked in that respect, they more than made up for in the musical numbers.

All in all, well worth the somewhat-steep (for an amateur show) $50 and if you can get there before closing night (Saturday 5th February), I highly recommend it!

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