TV: Gun Shot Wound to the Head—Grey’s Anatomy Season Final.


Last night’s double episode season finale didn’t waste any time getting into the action, with Meredith’s baby bombshell, a shooter let loose in the hospital, Reed Adamson shot dead and Alex Karev mortally wounded.

Never before have I spent a whole two hours of television crying, but Grey’s certainly elicited that response from me this time around. And not just trickling tears; this was breathtaking, heartbreaking scream crying of the Meredith-Grey-when-Cristina-stops-operating-on-McDreamy persuasion.

On that note, the acting in this episode is some of the best I’ve seen on the episode in a long time.

There was a bit of dissention in the ranks amongst fans the past two years when it was alleged that Grey’s had “jumped the shark” with the whole “Gizzie” and Denny-coming-back-as-a-ghost-and-having-sex-with-a-brain-tumour-affected-Izzie predicaments. I was inclined to agree with that, however we can’t overlook the redeeming moments over six seasons, such as Izzie cutting the LVAT wire and Denny’s subsequent death, “code black” and the “it’s George!” bombshell of last year’s finale.

Obviously the major story arc of the finale is Derek getting shot, however each and every sub-plot deserves accolades for its actors.

Michael O’Neill, who plays the shooter, Gary Clark, turns from loving husband to grieving widower as his wife was taken off life-support at the decision of Chief Shepherd and Richard Weber, with Lexie Grey pulling the plug, in an earlier episode.

Clark later tells Lexie that he only intended to kill those three, but evidently Reed, Alex, Percy, Owen Hunt and countless nurses and security guards got in the way.

Bravery was the common theme here, with Derek trying to talk the shooter down from the ledge whilst staring down the barrel of his gun; Owen risking his life to go back into the hospital after Cristina; Charles Percy facing painful and immanent death in the arms of Bailey and their patient Mary, played by Mandy Moore, when the elevators are turned off and there is no way to get him to an OR; Callie and Arizona giving medical supplies to the shooter as he invades the paediatric ward, and telling him to leave the children alone; Richard telling Clark that he’s led a full life, and doesn’t care if he shoots him, however Clark will rot in prison for his acts today. But in the greatest act of bravery, Meredith offers herself up to Clark, as she is Richard’s surrogate daughter, Lexie’s sister and Derek’s wife, and her death would hurt them the most. Meredith probably has selfish motives also, as she told Derek she couldn’t live without him if he died.

In other developments, Callie and Arizona make up and want to make babies, whilst Meredith loses hers in a miscarriage as she operates on Hunt’s GSW. Lexie foolishly (in my opinion, anyway) chooses Alex over the beautiful Mark Sloan, and Hunt chooses Cristina. Percy’s dying wish is, sadly, to have Reed know he had a crush on her. Weber foils Gary Clark’s plot to kill him and comes out victorious. Cristina is forced to operate on Derek as Teddy had already been evacuated from the building, and Meredith expresses the utmost trust in her best friend operating on her husband.

No doubt these are poignant plot points that will carry the series into its seventh season.

And like every other season, I can’t wait!

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