On the (Rest of the) Net.

Frock & Roll has some poignant points on how to “network, promote and get your blog out there” aka “hustle”. I’ve only read part one of the series, but you can find part two here, with part three on its way.

Who do you write like? Apparently, from the sample I typed in to the analyzer, I write like David Foster Wallace, author of one of Time magazine’s All-Time Greatest Novels, Infinite Jest! Not too shabby!

It’s no secret Prince is one of my favourite musicians, but according to Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought, he’s also a style icon, assless pants and all!

Edward Cullen sparkles, but feminism certainly doesn’t. Amplify Your Voice discusses “What Twilight Teaches Young Girls”.

Author Marketing Experts suggest “Seven Powerful Ways to Find New Readers For Your Blog” (there’re actually eight!).

An oldie but a goody: Inappropriate Woman Rachel Hills muses on Gossip Girl, Serena & Effortless Perfection”.

In the vein of last week’s “In Defence of Taylor Momsen” comes the case for Lindsay Lohan as she is released from jail and shipped off to rehab for the umpteenth time.

On Tuesday night, “I Went to See Killers, and It’s All Your Fault”, Jezebel!

Girl with a Satchel has two (here and here) fab pictorials up of this year’s September issues. Here’s just a little taste…

4 thoughts on “On the (Rest of the) Net.

  1. hmmm I did that writing test and got david foster wallace too! strange!

    omg love this months marie claire, amazing edition and great article on jacqui frank in it! can’t believe it is so thick too – hope it’s sales are high!

    and the new cosmo isn’t too bad, havent had a good read of it yet thou.

    I was standing in coles yesterday looking at all the mags and thinking which looks the most effective and clear, I really liked the madison kylie one! what do you think?

  2. Yeah, that is definitely a great cover, originally from Elle UK. Look for it in an upcoming “Mag Cover of the Week” post.
    I’m not an avid Marie Claire reader, and will usually only buy it if it gets a favourable review on Girl with a Satchel, but I will be investing in it this month.
    I’m a bit over Cosmo, to be honest. And I hate Gisele Bundchen as a cover girl; she is so not a Cosmo girl!

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