Lindsay Lohan & Double Standards.


From Vanity Fair, October 2010:

“We started talking about the double standards for famous men and women who misbehave. ‘It’s the same with men being dominant in the world and getting the easy way out and getting a free pass consistently,’ Lindsay said. ‘Like, if a man cheats on his wife… It’s not okay… But they still keep their deals, they still keep their contracts, they still keep their roles, they still get their gigs…’

“‘With girls,’ Lindsay said, ‘you lose. You lose everything. You lose contracts, you lose…’ She shook her head.”

A certain Charlie Sheen comes to mind…

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5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan & Double Standards.

  1. Whilst I agree, I think it should not be forgotten these things may well be confined to “Hollywood” and related segments of society. It is implied in the first paragraph that the male “free pass” is true in every walk of life. Anyone remember Mark McInnes?

  2. Mark McInnes already has a new job as a board member for Sydney racing club who have publicly stated that they are “unconcerned about his notoriety.” Yet his accuser has been demonised for not donating the money she received in settlement to a suitable charity, and has been unable to find employment since the event, despite being a highly qualified professional…

  3. My thoughts exactly, Tess. In a recent Good Weekend profile on Fraser-Kirk and the case, it said that she is unlikely to ever work again because of the case. McInnes will fade into oblivion (provided he doesn’t “slip up” again) while Fraser-Kirk will be a cautionary tale for years to come. At least until the next high-profile sexual harrassment case comes to a head.

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