TV: The Underlying Message in Grey’s Anatomy’s “Superfreak” Episode.


Every episode of Grey’s Anatomy carries an “underlying meaning”.

There’s a patient who underwent botched leg-lengthening surgery in Hong Kong juxtaposed with the ability to stand tall and proud. Meredith’s traumatic childhood leads her to defend a small child who shot her dad 17 times to protect her and her mother. And when Addison’s brother, Archer, contracts parasites in the brain, his illness is used as a metaphor for toxic people “sucking the life out of you”.

Last’s night’s “Superfreak” was no exception, paralleling the super-freakyness of a patient with human papillomavirus, which caused his body to grow warts or horns that resemble bark or tree roots, with April’s virginity.

I found this a very hard episode to watch, and scratched myself like crazy after seeing the patient’s condition, which was a similar reaction to Lexi Grey’s. The most disturbing part of the case was when A SPIDER CRAWLED OUT OF THE PATIENT’S LIMB, a phenomenon that made Dr. Bailey “scream like a little baby bitch”, making Lexi feel better.

The other “superfreaky” patient belonged to Meredith and April, who was a 27-year-old virgin with a condom lodged in her lung after practicing oral sex on a banana in preparation for her wedding night. While April thought it was romantic and idealistic and defended her patient, the other Seattle Grace staff ridiculed the patient. A roll-call of everyone’s first times followed, with April claiming hers was on the beach and was very romantic. Much like Steve Carell’s character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin when he compares the feel of women’s breasts to bags of sand, April’s colleagues catch her in a lie, and vilify her for being a 28-year-old virgin. (Now that this has come out, we all just know she’s gonna lose it before the season is over. So cliché.)

But as Meredith says in her voiceover at the conclusion of the episode, even freaks can’t wait for love forever.

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3 thoughts on “TV: The Underlying Message in Grey’s Anatomy’s “Superfreak” Episode.

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  3. I love how the idea that ‘even freaks can’t wait for love forever’ when directed at April and the virgin patient assumes that sex is necessary for love to be real. Yay, compulsory sexuality. I really wish people would get over the virgins-have-superpowers-but-are-somehow-not-real-people-yet rhetoric.

    (Resurrecting an old post, I know, but I stumbled onto it from your recent Cristina Yang post and had feelings that needed expressing.)

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