Event: SlutWalk.

Never before (okay, this year) have I been so excited for something. That includes the multitude of costume parties I’ve been to this year.

About a month ago, I cottoned on to the buzz surrounding SlutWalk, an event spawned by Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis, after they heard a Toronto police officer telling a rape victim that she wouldn’t have been attacked had she been dressed less provocatively.

The first march was in early April, and was met with great success. Other events have been staged in Dallas, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts.

Next Saturday 28th May, SlutWalk comes to Melbourne, and I am beside myself with excitement. The only rally I’ve ever marched in was when I was 15, for (or rather, against) nuclear power with my mum, sister and bestie. I wasn’t really informed enough to have views on nuclear power back then, and I’m still undecided about it. Obviously the disaster in Japan highlights the question mark surrounding the idea of nuclear power in Australia.

However, I do have strong views about slut-shaming, rape, sex and reproductive rights, and I will be immensely proud to walk alongside my fellow sluts, as we reappropriate the word, much like the gays have reclaimed “fag”.

Obviously, rape is not about how a woman is dressed or how much lust she inspires in men, regardless of what she’s wearing. Women are raped when they’re on their morning jog, walking to and from work, out at night in their nicest outfit, or in their home by a friend or family member. I resent the comments that police officer made, and I will be wearing my “sluttiest” outfit in protest. But I’ll be wearing it with a prim and proper bun.

To join the SlutWalk, visit their Facebook page.

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Images via MamaMia.

3 thoughts on “Event: SlutWalk.

  1. Please walk on my behalf, as I can’t be there, and I too share your disgust for what that officer said (and what millions of other people say/think about rape that is unnecessary) and cannot believe a Canadian police officer said that, let alone one in Toronto, because everyone here has been so lovely. The other night my friend got punched in the face, in our new favourite nightclub, completely unprovoked and the bouncers asked what happened before they evicted anyone and came back to check my friend was okay. The police here will even drive a woman or group of women home if they are out at night and feel unsafe. You can actually just flag them down like a taxi. (Or so I was told!)

  2. How helpful!
    It just goes to show that in a seemingly progressive society, there are still individuals – and, unfortunately, groups of people – who have archaic views on rape, sexual assault/harassment, reproductive rights and females in general.

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