Body Image: Brown Eyed Girl.

A few weeks ago, just after I’d watched the “Born This Way” episode of Glee, I served two Asian girls at work.

It was hard to see their eyes properly, as they had a lot of eye makeup on and their fringes were tickling their lashes, but I was pretty sure they had blue—or Elizabeth Taylor violet—contacts in.

It reminded me of Tina Cohen-Chang’s “Brown Eyes” t-shirt from the New Directions’ performance of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, as part of the 90-minute after-school special on acceptance. In the episode, Tina hates her brown eyes, so takes to wearing blue contact lenses to appear less “Asian”. (Can you really blame her, when her only real characteristic on the show is her Asianess? And her boyfriend, Mike Chang’s, Asianess. For that matter, there are other Asian surnames than just Chang, Ryan Murphy!)

I wasn’t sure if this was an actual phenomenon outside of the pop culture world, but given the propensity of Western, Barbie-esque images to infiltrate other cultures, especially Asian ones, it doesn’t surprise me that blue eyes are all the rage.

As a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl myself, I love my features. But as a child, having both a mother and sister with blonde hair and blue eyes, I did feel like a bit of a black brown sheep until the age of about 10 or 11.

Apparently, even Paris Hilton wears blue contacts to mask her naturally brown peepers.

What do you think? Would you wear coloured contacts to change the shade of your eyes? And have you ever seen any Asian girls wearing obvious contact lenses?

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Image via The Daily Mail.

7 thoughts on “Body Image: Brown Eyed Girl.

  1. I so often see Asian girls with blue contacts. Some even go so far as to have bleached blonde hair or at least lightened hair. There, of course, are still a lot of Asians that keep their natural eye/hair colour but we can’t tell if they actually aspire to be anything other than what they are. There is also a scarier phenomenon of Asians having plastic surgery on their eyes to make them look less Asian. I saw a story on Hungry Beast (that you can check out here: that was quite disturbing. I cannot understand the benefits of such a procedure. I didn’t even notice a difference!

    • I actually saw a rather Asian looking girl last night with bright blue contacts in and lightened hair. She seemed to be doing everything to change her appearance and it worried me because she was a beautiful girl anyway.

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  3. Sometimes changing your eyes is the equivalent of putting on some makeup. And makeup is not always used to mask. Sometimes makeup is a means of self-expression.

    I will go without makeup in much the same way I can take or leave my coloured contacts. It is not always about Americanizing.

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