Event: Crepuscular at Melbourne’s City Gallery.

“Crepuscular adj.

1. Of or resembling twilight. 2. Of certain insects, birds, and other animals active at dusk.”

Crepuscular has been running since the start of May and will finish up next month in the Town Hall’s City Gallery, a small, free exhibition space in the heart of Melbourne. Which is fitting, really, as the exhibition shows off the artwork, historical photos and taxidermied specimens of the animals (some might say pests) that roam the city streets and gardens in the nighttime hours: crepuscular.

Crepuscular deals with “the origins of the wild animals that have found a niche in the city” , whether they are “a menace to our health” or if they “bring benefits”, and how we should “respond to their presence”. It features stuffed specimens of night owls, possums, rats, bats and insects (though technically you can’t stuff insects!), their introduction to Melbourne (if they’re not a native species) and their history in the city.

As a free exhibition that city-dwellers probably pass on their way home from work, there’s no excuse for missing it. On Tuesday to Friday, it’s opened til 6pm, and from 11am til 4pm on Saturdays. Mondays are 10am to 2pm. It’ll take you 20 minutes to have a browse through, and it’s quirky nature is well worth it.

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