Do Nice Girls Finish Last?


From “In Defense of Women Behaving Badly, Part 1” by Camilla Peffer on Girls Are Made From Pepsi:

“… Women like Courtney Love who gyrated on stage in baby-doll dresses and smeared lipstick, and responded to the adoration of idolising fans with a growling retort—‘You don’t even fucking know me’… As a woman, I was expected to act a certain way, be a certain ‘thing’. To smile, all the fucking time, to be cheerful, to hold my tongue, to flirt with customers if I wanted more tips, to look pretty even if I felt like complete crap, to take criticism lying down.

“As I’ve gotten a bit older, and I like to think a bit wiser, I’ve started to realise that it’s okay to be imperfect. To have fights, to be called a bitch, to be a goddamned rabble-rouser if you bloody well feel like it. To not fit this mould of sweetness and light, of delicate austerity and soft-spokeness. I doubt the Women’s Suffrage would have achieved the right to vote if they’d stuck to their pleases and thank yous.

“When someone tells me that I’m nice, or sweet, I do find it quite superficial. People tend to have this illusion of depressed women—that we’re pretty when we cry, that there’s beauty in the breakdown. Anxiety and depression can wreak havoc on your personality, render your actions and thoughts inhumane, violent, unprofessional, uncouth, anti-social and un-feminine… However, I’m also strong. I can channel my anger into productive energy, and I know when to speak up if I feel I’m being wronged.”

Amen to that!

Elsewhere: [Girls Are Made From Pepsi] In Defense of Women Behaving Badly, Part 1.

Image via Cyclone Cindy.

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