Beyonce—Countdown to Overexposure.

I love me a bit of Beyonce every now and then, but this has got to stop!

Ever since she announced her pregnancy at the MTV VMAs in August, there’s been talk of a black woman “doing it the right way”, being “sexy and pregnant” and, of course, whether Bey’s bump is even real!

Seriously, when the world starts speculating that the most anticipated celebrity offspring of the year isn’t being carried by the female half of said celebrity couple, I think it means they’ve officially reached overexposure status. This is even worse than the film clip that spawned a thousand spoofs (“Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]”) and that whole Taylor Swift-Kanye West debacle.

However, when her latest video was released for “Countdown”, I have to say I did like it. I thought it harkened back to Beyonce’s video for “Why Don’t You Love Me?”, with some Audrey Hepburn, ’60s-esque looks thrown in there, too. But, just like the response to Bey’s performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Awards, the copycat allegations ran thick and fast. She’s like the new Lady Gaga!

What do you think of Beyonce? Still love her or couldn’t care less?

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