Politicising Beyonce.


Sometimes I wish I was still at school. I had less responsibility, but a lot more was at stake. I had no life, what with classes, studying and work, but I got to learn new things. I’ve been running this blog for nearly two years now, and I’m always reading and clamouring for new things to blog about and voice my opinion on. Blogging is more fun than essay writing, so maybe I don’t wish I was still studying.

And then I read something like this: a PhD student at Rutgers university in the U.S. has devised a course called “Politicising Beyonce”.

From HuffPo:

“[Department of Women’s & Gendr Studies doctoral student and lecturer, Kevin] Allred was inspired to lecture the course following his four semesters as a Women’s Studies 101 instructor where he often found his class debating whether or not the [p]op star is a role model for today’s youth. According to the site, course topics include the extent of Beyonce’s control over her own aesthetic, whether her often half-naked body is empowered or stereotypical, and her more racy performances as her alter ego, ‘Sasha Fierce’.”

I would love to write essays on end on Beyonce’s political significance, but there’s enough on the interwebs to keep my thoughts provoked. So, because most of us won’t be able to be enrolled in “Politicising Beyonce”, here are some links to keep us entertained:

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[Madame Noir] How Beyonce’s Pregnancy is Being Used to Look Down Upon Single Mothers.

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[Jezebel] Let’s Invent a Catchy New Word for Feminism.

[Girls Are Made From Pepsi] The Post in Which I Talk About Beyonce, Feminism & Equality for All.

[HuffPo] Beyonce’s Rutgers Class: Singer’s Career the Focus of “Politicising Beyonce”.

Image via Shallow Nation.

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