TV: Gossip Girl—Dair: It’s On!


When sparks began to fly between Dan and Blair last season, I wasn’t too keen on the prospect of them getting together.

But, as Dan became her confidante during her pregnancy loss and aftermath of the wedding from hell, I warmed to the idea. I thought I’d forever be a Chair (Chuck & Blair) girl, but suddenly, I’m batting for Team Dair (Dan & Blair).

I’m not sure what turned me, exactly, but I think it might have had something to do with Blair finally succumbing to her feelings for Dan, and addressing him by his first name, as opposed to the disdainful “Humphrey”. Also, Dan insisting she keep saying his name as they kiss in his doorway didn’t hurt!

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Gossip Girl Takes Inspiration from Yet More Royals. This Time It’s the Grimaldis.

Image via Fan Pop.

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