On the (Rest of the) Net.

katy perry be proud of who you are

Another week, another famous woman denouncing feminism: step right up, Billboard’s Woman of the Year, Katy Perry! [Jezebel]

And here are the top five reasons famous women don’t call themselves feminists. [Daily Life]

Comedian Jenny Johnson attempts to unpack her Chris Brown-Twitter fiasco. [GQ]

To abort or not to abort when you discover you’re carrying a child with Down’s Syndrome? [Jezebel]

What it’s like to be a female pick-up artist. [xoJane]

I don’t agree with the assertion that the White Ribbon campaign is perpetuating a patriarchal notion of women’s protection from violence, rather I think it’s good that men are standing up to condemn violence against women. However, this post does raise a good point about the sketchiness of the campaign’s ambassadors… Tony Abbott, anyone? [Settle Petal]

“Why don’t men wear black? Why don’t men cover their faces?” [Daily Life]

On The Walking Dead and attempted rape. [Jezebel]

Straight white male victimhood. [Jezebel]

Toy makeup and mirrors for babies. Facepalm. [Sociological Images]

Image via The Examiner.

2 thoughts on “On the (Rest of the) Net.

  1. As for the Doug Barry Walking dead piece he states “The Walking Dead, like pretty much every piece of Hollywood property in the age of entertainment when popular, recognizable brands make for the safest investments, is based on a graphic novel, which you can buy and enjoy in all its stupendous gory detail, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

    While its true the Governor rapes a character as well in the book it is never shown on panel or glamorised, in fact it is a huge moment that is dealt with for many issues, as well as progressing many character arcs, its nothing like the TV show. In fact the woman are actual 3 Dimensional characters in the book. If your going to shit on a medium at least learn about it other than thinking you know it cause of a tv show you watched is based on it, it is like saying you know FABLES because you watch “Once upon a time”.

    Also Doug if by “if you’re into that sort of thing” means well thought out and well presented story telling with actual characters male AND FEMALE! then yes i am and its why I read the comic. if you mean the pointless violence and misogyny. then no I am not, that’s why I don’t watch the show like it seems you do and are basing you ideas on a medium from

    Also to get nerdy its not a graphic novel, its a comic book, its released in a 22 page floppy phamplet style form book each month and then collected into Trade paperback (book) form every 6 issues , A graphic novel is a book released out gate as a large form comic story telling book, its like calling a skirt a dress.

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