On the (Rest of the) Net.

beyonce superbowl

What was so great about Beyonce’s SuperBowl performance, anyway? In fact, the article could be titled, “What’s so good about Beyonce, period?” Don’t get me wrong, she’s an incredible performer with an amazing voice and I love pretty well all of her songs, but she does push a pretty conservative message (“Independent Women” really just want to “Cater 2 U” and “Put a Ring On It”) and is blandly uncontroversial. Her most scandalous moments are the rumoured fake baby bump and lip synching at the Inauguration. What do you think? Is Beyonce a positive black female role model, another pop star pandering to the patriarchy or do you just not care that much about her? [TheVine]

A 5-year-old girl was caught with her mouth on a 5-year-old boy’s penis: cue outrage. This article brilliantly highlights the importance of letting kids be kids, and that sometimes means “playing doctor”, playing “the sex game” and mucking around pretending to be “sexy” and “do sex” when they have no idea what those words mean.

“Kids aren’t gonna stop rubbing themselves, each other, and tetherball poles, so what’s the point of making it a scary, bad thing? Besides, this isn’t really about sex, so let’s not make it about sex. It’s learning about our bodies and the bodies of other kids, and doing things that feel good.

“You have to wonder how a big hubbub over truly normal shit can affect a kid in the long run. Will they eventually develop a sex-negative attitude? Will developing a happy, healthy sexuality be more difficult for them? As many of us know, childhood scars run deep.” [Jezebel]

Iron Man 3 is just the latest in a long line of films (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Last Airbender, The Lone Ranger, and Snow White & the Huntsman when it comes to able-bodied actors playing the seven dwarves) to use a white actor portraying a character of colour. [Kotaku]

In a similar vein, whitewashing non-white stories in Hollywood. [Daily Life]

The conundrum of being sexy but not sexual in the Japanese pop world. [Daily Life]

Reexamining Paris Hilton as a cultural icon. [Thought Catalog]

In praise of Liz Lemon. [Jezebel]

Image via Buzzfeed.

2 thoughts on “On the (Rest of the) Net.

  1. @Iron Man 3 is just the latest in a long line of films…Mandarin as a character was created in 64, only 3 years after the portrayal of Rooney in BaT, you can see how the pop culture at the time represented the Asian community. Mandarin while being know as Iron Mans arch enemy for years has often been left with a lot of racist portrayals, I’m surprised they attempted to translate him at all (other media portrayals have changed the character greatly to make him more “PC” but often end up doing a worse job like the 90’s cartoon green skin look!!!) I think ben kingsly is a fine choice, the above article talks about ben being mixed race, well the article fails to mention the Mandarin is actually of mixed race to, his mother being an english noble woman, the name mandarin only really comes from the fact he took control on a fictional city in china in the marvel universe called “the Mandarin city” it is not in relation to his race, despite past racist portrayals of the character, the core has nothing to do with his race or background … but also race aside Ben is a fine actor who brings the right gravitos to the role. you need some one who you believe is a leader to portray this character and that is ben kingsly to a T. I am fine with them casting the best actor over race, Michael clack duncun is black man that played a white character in daredevil and i dare you to find a better kingpin, hell look at the new superman, Perry white is being played by a black man and Jimmy olsen is being play by a woman!! These characters are open it interpretation their histories get recreated in the books all the time, if it was a true life story i could get behind the outrage on some level. but at the end of the day these guys are comic book characters, tell the best story first

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