Pretty Girl Bullshit.


White Girl Problems is the latest Twitter phenomenon to sweep the pop culture world, with such gems as “Fine, if that’s the way you’re going to act, then you’re uninvited to my Elizabeth Taylor memorial cocktails” and “I’m sorry you think I’m being a bitch”; the passive-aggressive “apology” heard in relationships the world over.

While the Twitter profile is poignantly taking the piss out of the problems of the privileged, there is the issue of race there, also.

Like, why is it called White Girl Problems? Why not Privileged Girl Problems? Or Rich Girl Problems? But even with that, it would be feeding into the classism debate. Whichever way you look at it, White Girl Problems is a double entrendre of racism and classism.

It also highlights the body image battle a lot of young girls face, be they white, black, rich, poor, or whatever. Here are a couple of examples:

While I’m not personally offended by the Twitter feed (I am a white girl with [first world] problems, after all), I can understand why some might be.

Racialicious, actually writing about the Alexandra Wallace/“Asians in the Library” scandal, says that it all comes down to “white female privilege”, meaning “you can say more outrageous shit because you’re a pretty white lady”.

That may be so (I have been known to voice my opinion on all manner of topics that may be deemed controversial: the baptism of babies being bullshit, pretentious parenting, and abortion [more to come on that last one in coming weeks]), but how long have men—of all races but, yes, particularly Caucasian ones—been getting away with it? And still are. Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown are two names that spring to mind…

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First World Problems.


With all that’s going on in the world at the moment, what better time to reflect on some lighthearted first world problems, à la Mia Freedman’s MamaMia column.

My friend Laura and I love to poke fun at other people ourselves, so we’ve come up with a few of our own first world inconveniences:

  • Starting/finishing a book on public transport when you’re distracted by other peoples’ too-loud iPods, broadsheets in your face and the stench of unwashed humanity and can’t relish the story.
  • When your boyfriend wants sour cream with his tacos but you’re doing the vegan challenge.
  • When the sun streams through the blinds right onto the TV.
  • Stressing the importance of arriving together at an event when you’re part of a group costume.
  • Hating it when you have to say/text/email the word “like” instead of just pressing the like button on Facebook when you’re not on Facebook.

What are your first world problems?

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