TV: Gossip Girl Takes Inspiration from Yet More Royals. This Time It’s the Grimaldis.


The 100th episode of Gossip Girl brought the much anticipated wedding of Blair Waldorf and Prince Louis Grimaldi, with interference by Chuck, Dan and Georgina thrown in there for good measure.

I didn’t think Blair would actually go ahead with the wedding, but she did, and it provided a chance for the show to channel yet more royals after Blair lost her baby in a car accident à la Princess Diana a few weeks ago and now, taking inspiration from Princess Grace Kelly’s progeny Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s tear-soaked wedding last year.

The (fictional) fact that Louis is a Grimaldi is not lost on Gossip Girl, who sees Blair as somewhat of a modern day Grace Kelly. Louis tricked her into marrying him after she clearly expressed love for Chuck (Blair is not completely blameless; she “did the right thing” in marrying someone she thought she could “grow into” loving) and will force her to uphold her end of the bargain or risk her family’s bankruptcy in paying her dowry (what century is this again?) if she reneges on the marriage. Could a similar storyline be at play in Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s real-life marriage?*

*Pure speculation.

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TV: Gossip Girl—Blair Channels the Tragic Life of Princess Di & Gossip Culture is to Blame.


Tortured lovers Blair and Chuck decided to run away together despite Blair’s betrothal to Louis and her pregnancy. Chuck tells Blair he’ll love her and her and Louis’ baby, just as the paparazzi chasing the car they’re traveling in forces it off the road. If this isn’t a statement about Princess Diana’s fatal car accident, allegedly at the hands of the paparazzi, I don’t know what is. Hint: expect this to be the catalyst for Serena et al. to try to finally take down Gossip Girl

Also, it’s incredibly convenient that Blair’s involved in a car accident whilst pregnant. I can just see it now: Blair will come out of the accident unscathed, however her inconvenient bun in the oven won’t, allowing her to cut all ties with Louis and run back into the arms of Chuck. Providing he survives, that is…

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TV: Gossip Girl—Life Begins at Love?


So Blair’s pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is. Oi vey, as her Jewish stepfather Cyrus would say.

Naturally, even though she’s only 20, is still in college as her mother points out, and doesn’t know if her fiancé Louis or past love Chuck impregnated her, she’s keeping the baby. Of course!

Dan tells her  “has options” and Blair replies that she’s considered them all but, ultimately, the foetus was conceived out of love. I’m sure a lot of foetuses were conceived out of love, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the best interest of both the embryo and the parents to keep it.

Interestingly, while searching for some online articles on Gossip Girl being pro-life (there aren’t any that I could find), I came across a web entry for the actress who plays Eleanor Waldorf-Rose, Margaret Colin, who is a noted pro-life activist and has even been involved in (I won’t say propaganda) a pro-life made-for-TV movie. I wonder if her stance, which is well-publicised, had anything to do with the character of Blair deciding to carry the pregnancy to term…?

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